Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay Vietnam Travel

If you guys do the backpacker or traveling to Viet Nam lest you guys miss to go to Halong Bay, as it is the most beautiful tourist destinations in Viet Nam. Halong Bay is a Bay which has an area of about 1,500 km along the coastline and 120km in the province of Quang Ninh. It consists of thousands of limestone with different sizes and shapes. Not only that, this Bay surrounded by 1,969 small islands. Will create its beauty.
Halong Bay Vietnam Travel
Halong Bay
Here you guys presented with beautiful nature makes all who visit will be hypnotized. Heaps of limestone covered by the gauze and the expanse of blue ocean water as if you guys are on ' haven of the world '. Perhaps some people have yet to know that here there are dozens of limestone caves that make you guys've been amazed. One of them is a cave, this Dau Go cave can be said to be the largest cave. You can visit the cave and save the moment you guys with families.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Not only that, here also lies the island of Mr Chan and Cat Ba which adds to the awe of you. The island also has about 435 species of plants, dozens of marine animals, birds and much more, therefore the Gulf including the category of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Dau Go cave Halong bay Vietnam travel
Dau Go cave
Halong Bay is a nature that gives a momentum that will not forget you guys with your family and enjoy the beautiful views of the boulders karts and see the wealth of natural diversity in Viet Nam.